Psalm 1:6

Psalm 1:6

“for the Lord knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish.”
This verse seems very straight forward, but there is also an underlying complexity. Which I believe is faith.
Do you ever have those moments where you feel like God has forgotten about you? Maybe He got busy and you feel a bit neglected. Usually this happens to me when wave after wave hits me. Whether it be emotional, physical, spiritual or financial struggle, or all four at the same time. At times it can feel as if God has forgotten, that He must not have planned this out. For me to have faith that God knows my way and is all powerful, means that I have to admit that He has allowed these things to happen. And, in all honesty, that is really hard. There comes times where I have to pray for faith to trust God because this (insert trial here) seems like the total opposite of what is good for me.
This is further complicated when you look at the ways of the wicked and you don’t think perish. You think, rich, successful and satisfied. All usually based on materialism standards. Their path doesn’t look like it headed towards perish. So I must pray for faith to believe that the life God has called me to will not perish, but have life everlasting.
If you step back from these trials and look at them, you may start to get a glympse of perspective. Perspective is something that God grants from time to time to help grant us faith and hope. When you put your position to see beyond the riches and fame or success, and you aren’t as enamored by it all. You begin to see the failed marriages, broken hearts, painful and tragic endings. You begin to see lives that are full of stuff but void of meaning. This isn’t to say that God doesn’t put believers in positions of wealth, He obviously does (Abraham, David, Solomon). However the wealth doesn’t define the meaning of the life, the relationship with God does.
All that to say, at times, it takes alot for me to believe this verse. I have to pray for faith and for perspective. Trusting God isn’t always easy, but it is alway necessary.
I pray that your faith would be strengthened to trust in areas that are hard. Even when we don’t understand what God is doing and wouldn’t define it as “good”, we can still trust that even in the midst of that He is good, He hasn’t forgotten and He knows our ways.

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