Psalm 1:2

Psalm 1:2 Delight, Despair and Fast food

“But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and in His law he meditates day and night.”
I don’t know about you, but for me delight and law seldom go together…for example, I recently got one of those photo stop light tickets, i broke the law , the $50 fine does not equal delight.
The word delight here also translates desire. His desire is for the law of the Lord. I don’t think the law itself is the object of His desire, we seldom want more rules to follow. I think the focus is the intimacy with God that living in God’s law brings. That is his delight or desire. So what happens if we don’t desire that? What happens when you loose desire and loose connection and intimacy with God and begin to drift. I think it comes down to one word, despair. Despair is the abscence of hope. Hope comes from knowing God and experiencing his prescence. This grants you perspective, comfort and peace. Without it, you are left to your own devices, which prove futile and empty, lacking hope. So either we choose desire/delight or despair, God’s ways or our’s.
Meditate – now I usually chalk this one up to a hippy, yoga thing and move on thinking that i read my Bible and that is how a person that grew up Baptist meditates. Everything else seems a little mystic. However, when you dig a bit deeper to see what he means by meditate, it means to mull it over, to chew on it. I don’t really treat scripture like this alot of times. I prefer the drive thru version of a quiet time were I list of my order of ways I wish God to speak, He says thank you please drive around and I’m out in 15 minutes. So I like to live on the surface, I don’t like to sit and ponder or stare at scripture because then I start to see things. I start to see that instead of seeing the “Pharasees” as the dark side if you will from StarWars, they begin to look like me. I start to realize that I don’t apply what I read and I have alot of McDonalds bags in my car but nothing to show for it so to speak. I don’t like to meditate not because it is mystic, in all actuallity it is because it is intimate and personal and God gets all up in my business. Yet, if i stop to ponder and actually look and listen, God engages me in ways that I would have never forseen or considered. Can you survive of off fast food, yes. Will you be healthy? No. And usually the more you eat fast food is directly proportionate to the amount of time you work out. So we eat fast food, grow spiritually obese and complain cause we didn’t get it our way right away. I don’t think this is God’s desire. God’s desire is that we would sit down, look at the recipe and take the time to cook, savor and enjoy. Jesus didn’t really rush, yet I try to get him to stamp my busy time sheet all the time.
So choosing to meditate is choosing to cook instead of eat fast food. It is choosing to delight instead of despair.
Thanks so much for those of you that read this, I don’t know who is or why God is having me do this, but I pray it is a blessing.

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