The second week

I’m not sleeping well. I wake up with headaches or an upset stomach. I think it is my bodies way of reminding me of where I am emotionally and spiritually. This is not depression, this is the reality of loss, the path of the broken hearted. You cannot “fix it”, for some of the pieces are missing.
God will put the pieces together, but differently. The landscape, my life, has changed.
Many may ask how they can help, so many times I wish that I knew how to answer.
I feel as though I am a stranger in the land where I once lived. The landmarks that helped me navigate are now missing or obscured from view. . I am learning to live my life again…differently.
It is a path way of discovery and I am walking a new road. I don’t need the map of other lives, for they are all different.
I need faithful friends who will journey through this land with me.
It will not be a short three day trip.
It will be a lengthy journey, many times done in quiet, all done a step at a time.
How can you help? Pray for God’s provision for the next step, give me grace as I walk this road, as I will give you grace as you journey with me. We are all new to this place.
This land will become familiar.
New landmarks will arise, old ones will resurface.
But we will always grieve our old neighborhoods and the memories there. We will remember the streets of relationships that led us to where we are now.
May Jesus walk beside us, giving peace in this new land. May we realize that this journey is bringing us closer to Him.

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