This is the second installment for the stories of the refugee situation in the Czech Republic. Thank you for reading and if you feel led, sharing.

The borders open at 4am.
The line to go in starts to form way before that, women and children are given the first priority. They open at 4am but they close as soon as that day’s total is hit, many times within a few hours.
There is such a rush to cross that people become desperate.
Desperate people do desperate things.
Desperate people many times take advantage of anything they can.
In this case, it is the children.
There is a growing number of children, mainly infants and toddlers, that have been abandoned just across the border.
Stolen from their weary families in the middle of the night, they are incapable of explaining the injustice being done.
They are used to get across, and then cast aside, with no papers, no family, no protection.
They do not speak the language, if they can speak at all.
Currently these children are not taken to a regular orphanage.
Instead they are taken to a place that houses children with special needs.
Why these places? Because it is where things are hidden.
When approaching the government to help these children, the response to the refugee workers is a hard “No”.
They don’t need help or any aid, they are taken care off – translation: they are hidden.
You see to allow them help is to acknowledge them and their value.
It makes what is hidden now revealed.
It requires responsibility.
Voiceless victims, tucked away.
How do we fight such injustice, even on the other side of the ocean?
We give them a voice.
We tell their story in our language.
We fight for them, because they cannot fight for themselves.

May God use our voice for those that have none.
May He use our strength for those that have none.
May we be willing to let Him do it.

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