When death moves close


When death moves close

Life intensifies

We like to keep it at a distance

We treat death as if it is relegated to the outskirts of our lives

The proximity as we get older becomes closer because we have more experiences

It is as if there are several concentric circles and the farther you move out the closer you get to death.

At center of the circle being the very young, the outer rings being those that have “lived a full life”

Yet even then,

Death is hard

When tragedy hits and death invades any circle

We cannot help but be affected

It changes us

Like a dark stain on our lives it is noticeable

Sometimes to others

Always to ourselves

It may come across as being worrisome

It may invade at any moment

It can turn a joyous time to a solemn moment

Death is invasive no matter when it occurs

If it is experienced as a result of a tragedy,

It is unexpectedly invasive

Things are fine one minute

and then the next your mind is flooded with emotion

It follows the same pattern that the tragedy did

You didn’t expect it

You still don’t

I don’t want death to be this close

I am hyper sensitive to both its presence

and its potential

As death moves close

It has many different effects

It changes you

Yes it causes you to hurt

But it also causes you to value

I would even suggest that it hurts because you value

I think that the older we get the more we value

When the proximity of death increases

The value of life increases as well

As death draws close

Jesus draws closer

Showing us what we value

We may struggle to express this value in our limited vocabulary

But our hearts are filled with emotions and stories that we long to tell

We long to tell you the stories of how the ones we lost have changed our lives

Even if we trip over the words in doing so

We long for those around us to realize the value of those in our lives

We long for all to see the beauty of life and not to neglect it

We long for death to be put away

We long for Jesus

For in Jesus

Death is conquered

Life is precious

Beauty is restored

and pain of death

is exchanged with the hope of life.

Be patient with those who have experienced death

Don’t rush them

Don’t force them

Sincerely encourage with your own words,

not any cliches that you don’t understand yourself

Know that,

They are longing to express things words cannot

They are many times aware of a reality you are not


They are can also be aware of a hope you are not


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